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With so many genres to explore, choosing classes can be a bit of a minefield!  Below you can find full descriptions of what each class is about: the style, its benefits and why our students love it!

Don't worry if you still can't decide - with our FREE TRIAL OFFER you can try as many or as few subjects as you'd like to, before committing.  We recommend you try before you buy and want each pupil to feel confident that they have chosen the right class or package for them...

This term we have some exciting new and returning additions to our live timetable in Bedford including ISTD National, Progressing Ballet Technique & LAMDA Drama!  We are almost as excited as the students...! 















The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the worlds most influential dance organisations. Their exams set standards in classical ballet and they are global leaders in dance education.  At ELEV8, all of our classical ballet teachers are registered teachers of the RAD and have undergone rigorous teaching training to achieve this accolade.  We teach right from Baby Ballet [Dance To Your Own Tune], through all of the grades and vocational courses [including Pointe Work].


We believe that Classical Ballet is the backbone of great dance technique and the RAD Grades build upon skills in a logical and enjoyable way for the students.  In the younger classes, we use imagery and props to create a stimulating sensory experience, where children use their imagination to build skills such as coordination, musicality and performance. 


We have recently introduced a new part of the syllabus, in addition to the grades:  Discovering Repertoire.  This gives the more advanced pupils a chance to learn developmental exercises leading to excerpts from famous classical ballets, such as Coppelia and Swan Lake.  It really is the most well rounded and enjoyable syllabus!  Finding the right teacher is vital and by choosing an RAD Registered Teacher you are choosing quality, safety and professionalism.  Ballet is fun, but it is also physically demanding so professional, qualified teachers are a must. 


Royal Academy of Dance teachers are trained to follow a carefully structured syllabus which is fun and safe, enabling students to progress in stages. At ELEV8 we offer a wide range of exams for those who wish to take them, focusing on creativity and musicality to motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities.  RAD exams gain UCAS points used for entry into university - just another added bonus!


Acrobatic Arts [or Acro] is the beautiful fusion of excellent dance technique and the athleticism and precision of acrobatic elements.  Angela & Sarah were amongst the first in the UK to train as teachers for this amazing syllabus created by Acrobatic Arts that is now sweeping the globe.  Acro has gained popularity more recently through the wide spread success of productions such as Cirque Du Soleil and mainstream television programs like ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.  Acro technique includes tumbling, balancing and limbering and is based on strength and flexibility.  The Acrobatic Arts syllabus focuses heavily on strength and technique [good placement is key to a healthy body] and offers progressions that follow on through each level, from mini to advanced.


We start at the very beginning with all students and ensure we develop a good sound technique on which to base their training.  Since implementing this course of study we have seen rapid growth in our dancers strength and confidence in all areas.  By learning with certified teachers, your child will safely learn the tricks they love to show off!  Our dancers absolutely love these classes and can always understand where each step is leading to.  Using the multi media tool on the iPad we are able to show and compare what a student is doing to how it should be done and they are easily able to visualise the progression.  We offer mini acro classes for our tiny tots, which is a great introduction and builds strength and flexibility from a very young age.  Why wait?!




A class that encompasses Song, Dance & Drama.  This is a hugely popular class because it is so diverse.  


Students learn to portray all emotions through their performance, whether it be a melodramatic comedy style song or tear jerking emotional piece - this class has it all.  Because of the nature of Musical Theatre, this class is great fun. 


It's a fabulous confidence builder, as we work primarily in groups.  When a student feels like they would like to, they will always be given the opportunity to sing alone.  Sarah has a talent for gauging when a pupil is verging on wanting to try something alone - when her sixth sense kicks in she will gently coax out their confidence.  


This class is equally good for students who wish to sing and act with a little dance, as well as those who are looking at dance as a profession, giving them the triple threat element!  







Commercial Dance encompasses a range of styles.  It is the type of dance that children and young adults are exposed to on a daily basis, seen in music videos, on TV / films and social media platforms.  This is one of the main reasons it is so popular!  


We find that this class attracts students who perhaps don't do other forms as dance, as well as pupils who focus heavily on classical subjects.  It is a great way to release tension and enjoy the music of popular culture and hip hop.  


One word to describe this class would simply be 'cool'!





Modern Jazz is a fun style of dance encompassing varying music, styles and rhythms.  At ELEV8 we follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance syllabus, which is relevant and up to date with technical attributes of the style.  

It explores the contrast between relaxation and expansion, creating lines and shapes with the body and discovering the many moods of Jazz Dance.  We offer graded examinations in this subject, which aid the pupils in appropriate technical progression and we find it helps to have a goal to work towards. Examinations are not compulsory and are an individual choice for each pupil, but when the teachers feel the student is ready to advance to the next stage, it is a great sense of achievement for pupils to gain recognition for the hard work they have invested in the grade.

The ISTD offer fun and fulfilling classes in Modern Jazz and at ELEV8 we pride ourselves on the teachers being qualified in this examining body and being part of this worldwide recognised dance body.




Tap has evolved as an American dance form, popularised throughout the world, with musicals such as 42nd Street, as well as popular groups such as Tap Dogs.  But perhaps some of the most famous names associated with this dance style are Fred Astaire and Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson!


Wearing tap shoes [with small metal plates on the sole], the dancer is able to beat out rhythms and create the distinctive sounds of Tap Dance!  The possibilities are endless and you might be amazed at how the feet can communicate sound...

At ELEV8 we follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance syllabus for Tap Dance which is one of the most well rounded and well respected examining bodies for this style.  Being a member of this dance branch opens a whole new vista, with exams, awards and medals all attainable for pupils.  

Lessons work on timing, rhythm, musicality and dynamics


Fun and noisy - what's not to love!





As one of the largest dance bodies in the world - the ISTD covers a range of styles. This dance form comes from Ancient Greece and is based on the natural movements of the body.  


With both directors having studied this style growing up, we felt it was a dance form that would benefit our students greatly.  It is a truly beautiful style that encourages musicality, coordination and freedom of movement.


In these lessons students will learn the fundamentals of the style whilst developing their technique.  The movements are expressive and range from lyrical to dynamic athletic sequences.  Dancers perform barefoot, wearing tunics and often use props such as scarves, balls, ribbons or bows. The props add a fun and different element to these classes.   

Classical Greek is an extremely popular subject and we find it enhances the dancers technique in all other subjects.  





Lyrical is the beautiful fusion of Ballet and Modern dance.  It can be emotive and expressive as the dancer performs flowing movements, displaying beautiful lines and weightless leaps.  


The music is varied, but often at ELEV8 we use modern music that lends to this style, as well as classics that ooze passion and emotion.  Our dancers love this class and it is a great opportunity to remove oneself from every day pressures of school or difficulties at home and have the chance to lose yourself in the movement and music.   


Younger pupils often use props such as silk scarfs and ribbons to aid with fluidity of movement and seamless transitions across the floor.



At ELEV8 we offer additional Non-Syllabus classes in Classical Ballet and Jazz.  This means that they do not follow a set syllabus and no exams are taken.  The classes are split by age and / or ability.

It is a fantastic way for pupils to try out different and sometimes more advanced steps.  Classes vary from week to week - sometimes following a routine over a few weeks or maybe changing from week to week.  

Because the classes are ever evolving and move at a fast pace, it helps our pupils learn to pick up choreography quickly thus preparing them for outside workshops and classes. They can feel confident in their own ability to learn routines in a swift manner and not feel restricted in any way.

These classes are particularly beneficial to those studying multiple disciplines, who may wish to take dance as a profession.




Safe dance practice is a passion for both Angela & Sarah. Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.   


It can be difficult for students to feel what muscles initiate the correct alignment in ballet training, however, as the fit ball is continually mobile under the students’ body, it gives the students a sense of posture and weight–placement whilst feeling each correct muscle group.


Each exercise has been developed with care and guidance with a team of physiotherapists.  Since training in PBT, Angela has been implementing these exercises into her teaching practice.  At ELEV8 we offer this subject from age 7 upwards, to compliment their existing Ballet classes.  It is hugely beneficial and the pupils find it a thoroughly enjoyable challenge.  


This class is part of our POWER PACKAGE to run alongside other classes and help keep our dancers safe and strong with a good understanding of their bodies. 





All young dancers want to emulate the tricks they see in popular culture dance shows on television, Tik-Tok, Instagram and YouTube.  At ELEV8 we believe strength is key to keeping a healthy body and do not encourage over stretching or putting pressure on young joints.  


This class builds strength in all areas and works towards a flexible and supple body, enabling us to provide pupils with the key skills they require to prevent injury and increase flexibility.  It compliments all classes and works particularly well alongside Acrobatic Arts.  It is part of our POWER PACKAGE, and the power pupils gain will astound you!






The third class in the POWER PACKAGE, Leaps & Turns is a popular choice to compliment the core dance subjects.  This class focuses purely on jumps, leaps and turns.  


In the ever evolving world of dance, dancers are expected to jump higher and perform multiple turns with ease.  We want our students to feel confident in their abilities and try new things.  This is the perfect class to try out new and exciting leaps and various types of turns.  Sarah & Angela continually find new and inspirational moves the pupils to work on.  Having attended the first teachers training course with Rosina Andrews  (the creator of Pirouette Surgery & Leap Surgery) - they agree that we need to 'Get Britain Turning' and use innovative methods to aid students in turning and reaching new heights with their elevation!




Pointe Work is every little ballerinas dream - to dance in specially crafted shoes on the tips of their toes.  A vision typically associated with Ballet.


These classes are by invitation only and begin with a Pre-Pointe Class - for students showing strength in the feet and ankles and the solid classical technique required for the physical demands of dancing en pointe, who show that they are almost ready for their new shoes!


Students should be studying a minimum of two Ballet Classes per week.  Once their Ballet teachers advise parents / carers that the pupil is ready, shoes should always be specially fitted in person by a professional.  We encourage pupils to darn their shoes, to increase longevity of the shoe, prevent slipping and give a lovely line of the foot.   Luckily in present times, this doesn't have to be a chore and there are services available to do this for you [Darn & Dance]! 


Pointe Work classes increase in difficulty as the student progresses.  There is no set age at which this class will be offered, but is usually between 11-14 years.  When a pupil is technically and physically ready, at the discretion of the teacher.  


LAMDA stands for London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.  A LAMDA exam is the speech and drama equivalent of a Music / Ballet Grade, which begin at basic levels and culminates at Grade 8.  The exams use performance to develop self confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice.



Other benefits include reading fluency, a broader vocabulary, enhanced memory and recall, improved English language skills and the ability to structure an argument.  Preparing for a LAMDA Exam helps students develop the skills that are so important for a happy, successful and fulfilled life.


For those who have a particular interest in Acting and/or Musical Theatre or a passion to enter the dance profession, these lessons add a new and vital level to their performance and confidence capabilities.



NEW TO ELEV8:  National dance covers a wide range of European Folk Dances from countries across the continent including: the British Isles, Spain, Portugal, Central Europe, Scandinavia to name but a few. These traditional dances, celebrating local culture, have been developed over time by communities throughout Europe. The study of traditional dances from non-European countries is also encouraged to explore a global dance heritage.


Jo-Anne Taylor has a true passion for National Dance and is excited to introduce this diverse area of study to our students.  The aim of the National Dance Faculty is to bring the joy of European Folk Dance to all age levels. Folk dance develops a sense of community and awareness of others. The dancers have the opportunity to study traditional dances, costumes, music and customs.


National Dance also focuses on working together in partners / group dances.  It gives students a great awareness of working as a team, formations and spacial awareness (as well as being a huge amount of fun)!  

Rad Ballet
Acrobatic Arts
Musical Theatre
IDTA Modern
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