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It's the Easter Holiday's, time for some Family Fun!


This Sunday, Lynne will be hosting a fun evening for the whole family!  There are lot's of prizes on offer & £10 covers your whole household with unlimited players.  All proceeds will be donated to the Team England Fundraising Pot.  Everyone is welcome - Granny's, Grandads, Aunts & Uncles, Friends & Fellow Dancers...  the more the merier!  Ex-students, we hope to see you there:-D 


  • 3 Games of Bingo (per person in each household)
  • 2 Quiz Rounds
  • Lots of Prizes & Guarenteed giggles!


Tickets will be sold until Friday 26th March, on Saturday, everybody participating will be sent the link to download the Bingo Cards unique to your players. The evening will be held on Zoom and we are really looking forward to it! Time to have some festive fun...

Family Bingo & Quiz!

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